Progress Energy Art Gallery Gearing Up for Annual Members Show

May 29th, 2010 | Category: News Updates

Published: May 29, 2010 by Eric Horchy, The Suncoast News
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Fine Art Landscape Photography by Madelyn McMillan Wise in New Port RIchey Tampa Bay FloridaNEW PORT RICHEY – Progress Energy Art Gallery’s showcase event, the Members Show, is set to kick off June 4 with over 20 local artists exhibiting their creative wares.

“This is their show,” said gallery director Nancy Ciesla. “This is highly anticipated because the artists get to display whatever they want.”

Throughout the past year, other shows typically have a set theme for artists to adhere their work toward. The annual Members Show, now in its seventh year and set to run until July 31, lets the imagination run wild.

“You have more freedom,” said Terry Kinderman-Preston, a Hudson mixed-media artist. “This one’s pretty cool because you can have anything you want. I kind of work outside the box anyway, so that works for me.”

Visitors to the downtown New Port Richey gallery, 6231 Grand Blvd., will be able to take in exhibits created within a wide variety of media. Mixed media; painting with oils, acrylic and watercolors; sculpting; photography; all these styles and more are planned to be on display during the nearly two-month exhibit.

Each artist will be supplying two to three pieces for the free-to-view gallery, Ciesla said.

The Members Show’s openness, combined with the sheer number of contributing artists, helps make the event one of the premier local shows of the year, said painter and sculptor Harry Farmlett.

“It gives people who like to create art a venue and a chance to show their work,” he said. “It’s very good for the community and the artists because it gives us an opportunity to get exposure. And what good is art if there is no audience to view it?”

The Friday, June 4 opening will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. and many of the contributing artists will be in attendance.

Along with having the chance for visitors to mingle with the talent, Kinderman-Preston said the opportunity for artists to mingle amongst their peers is a valuable asset the Members Show provides, as well.

“It’s a really nice opportunity to get to see everyone that you haven’t seen throughout the year,” she said. “That’s part of the camaraderie and everyone likes to admire each others’ work. It’s a really good show and usually has a good turnout.”

Following the June 4 opening night, the Progress Energy Art Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. and is free to the public.

Many of the local artists taking part in the members show include: Mimi Jozwiak, watercolors; Terry Kinderman-Preston, mixed media; Eva Berman and Gladys DePrias, oils; Harv Berman, Beverly Miller, Phil Reed and C.W. Tanner, acrylic painting; Harry Farmlett, painter-sculptor; Gordon Engebretson, digital photography; Melanie Achenbach, photography; Lloyd Johnson, fused glass and aluminum sculptor; Madelyn Wise, photography; Patrick Stickney, painter; Charles Wood, Lourdes Simon, acrylics; Carol Spicuglia, Ralph Butler, acrylic landscapes; Matt Ellrod.