Madelyn McMillan-Wise Fine Art Photography in New Port Richey, FloridaPhotography is a medium that allows me to capture the passion of the moment. Perhaps it is my passion, as a scene takes by breath away or makes me say “ahhh,” and I hope to share that passion with you. I strive to evoke memories, challenge the senses, and heighten the pleasure of the viewer.

My darkroom work allows me to be one with my image, to feel the pulse of the subject. This darkroom maybe traditional, consisting of an enlarger and chemicals or the latest state of the art version of Photoshop that offers unlimited possibilities for creative interpretation.

Whatever tools I choose, my objective is to capture the common in an uncommon way so that you may find delight and a new perspective in which to view our world. I seek new and unique presentations, often using canvas or rag paper.

Environmental portraits and Florida scenes are my focus at this time.